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Kill 2 birds with one stone –
It’s a present and a card in one!

A great unique present they won’t have gotten before. For every occasion, buy a unique card for someone. A gift to keep for life!


How It Works

  • Choose Your
    Special Occasion

    Whatever the occasion we have it..
    if we don’t, tell us what it is and we will do it!

  • Fill Out A
    Short Form

    This gives us a sense of the subjects
    personality, history and what ever you feel
    is important.

  • Purchase
    Your Order

    Your poem will be despatched
    within 3 working days of
    receiving your order.

What Is A Limerick?

A limerick is a 5-line rhyme. It always follows the pattern of rhyming the 1st, 2nd and 5th lines together and the 3rd and 4th lines together. They are nearly always humorous!

Why Is It Called A Limerick?

One theory – in the 1700’s, a group of local Irish poets composed limericks while on drinking sessions, and in one particular pub in Limerick which was known for its chorus “will you come up to Limerick!”.

Another theory – limerick’s began in England and were used by the working class and the drunkard. The same line “will you come up to Limerick!” was sung and was a reference to the city of Limerick in Ireland!

Final theory – it derives from Irish soldier song in the 1800’s “will you come up to Limerick!” which was followed by versus of impromptu rhymes and innuendos.

  • When you want something out of the norm’,
  • Send a message in ‘lively rhyme’ form.
  • When you make people smile
  • They’ll be happy a while
  • Whilst your message will go down a storm!

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