The Limerick Girl lives in Limerick! I am an actor/performer in Ireland since 2008. I was passionate about acting since I can remember, born in the UK, I spent my youth in theatre companies and studied Performing Arts in Stratford-upon Avon.

My wild and youthful self went through many journeys, one of them being a ferry and bus to Limerick. Being a founding member of ‘Choke Comedy’, Limerick’s improv’ troupe, we have performed all over Ireland including Electric Picnic & Indiependence festival. Being an improviser is a skill I value massively; it feeds the creative juices needed to keep your mind free and ready to do anything.

I enjoy various artistic outlets; from stage, TV, corporate events and hen party entertainment with my company ‘Pretend With Us’. I also work a lot with local entities such as the U.L and Milford Hospice. I am a marathon runner, adventure racer, mother to 2 crazy little people and like most parents, take salvage in the extremely valuable weekends away with my other half. We both have a passion for music festivals and have come to the realization – some people in this world just don’t really grow up!!

How it
All Began

My story starts in my childhood. I loved writing stories and at the same time, started writing personal poems to and about my mum in my Mother’s Day cards. The poems then began to also appear in birthday cards, and this became my family tradition. My mother now expected these bespoke poems and over the years, it became fairly challenging to find new material on her!! The progression came when my Great-Aunty Chris whom I had massive love for, had a birthday. As a 12-year-old, she was very old, disabled and hilarious! I wrote her a small personalized rhyme and it stayed on her wall until the day she died.

I continued writing for mum, then my beloved grandma, the ‘God Father’ of the family turned 70 years old, there was no question what her birthday present would be!

For her 80th, I stood on the table at her party and read out the poem, then again at her 90th! The trend has continued all my life, from family members, including my children’s christening’s and my sister’s wedding ceremony poem, to unique presents for close friends. Every time I read one out, I receive the same comment – “you should be doing something with your poems!!”

My first musical re-write was while with choke comedy. I heard a song on the radio and a massive urge to change the meaning of the song and the lyrics came over me. The group were brilliantly on board when I approached them and the music video was immediately recorded and made, thanks to a very generous Dominik Kosicki of Red Paw Media. Since then, various re-writes have taken place where the poem vibe didn’t sit with me, or someone wanted a song re-written for a friend’s birthday present surprise. My bespoke poems always had a story telling element to them, often wondering into other realms, or had flavours of fantasy about them. The time has finally come when I am hiring my mind to those who wish to use it and offering you a personalized poem or personalized card!

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