For a really specialized gift, a bespoke poem is an amazing present. All poems are sent via email or printed on scrolls and are sent in a postal tube. Once you have purchased your poem, an email will be sent with a questionnaire with some details about the person the poem is for. A phone call would also be great to really get a feel for the subject matter! A copy of the poem will be sent to you for a thumbs up before it goes to print and post. Poems would be 6 – 9 verses long.


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Item Description

Fun & Personal

For a gift that encapsulâtes all the characteristics and a few stories of the person the poem is for, in a decise, humorous poem of 12 lines or 3 verses. Your piece will be printed on hight quality card with images relevent to the subject if applicable e.g. birthday/valentine. The poem will be posted to you in a postal tube.

The Whole Story

For a full-length humorous, personalized poem about your special person, this is a story based bespoke poem which will go into detail about their personality, life and any specific journeys they have been through. If it is for a child, it might be going into more detail about the people in their family and how they became to be where they are in the world. Poems can be 6 – 9 verses long.

You know its grandma’s birthday; you have remembered that;
You’ve business meetings, washing up, the hamster’s in the cat!
You want something that shows you care although your life is crazy-
A poem about grandma for her wall will be amazing!
It’s easy but still fun and leaves you time to sort out muddles,
And think of what to tell the kids what happened to poor snuggles!

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Fun & Personal, The Whole Story