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To some people, making a speech can be the scariest prospect, me included. As an actress, being on stage is where I am at my happiest – but public speaking, as me, gives me chills. Actually having to write your speech can leave you pulling your hair out. providing all the details and in-formation about the person you want to make an im-pact for, but having the contents put together for you in a humorous, unique way could make all the differ-ence.

You may be fine with making speeches but would like a different, original way of delivering it? Whatever your reason, I can take that job off your list! Speech as bespoke poetry is generally 12 verses long, could be longer depending on how much material is required. Once you have purchased the service required, fill out the questionnaire which will be emailed to you with the details needed. A phone call would also be great to really get a feel for the subject matter!

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