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For a really specialized gift, a bespoke poem is an amazing present. All poems are sent via email or printed on scrolls and are sent in a postal tube. Once you have purchased your bespoke poem, an email will be sent with a questionnaire with some details about the person the poem is for. A copy of the poem will be sent to you for a thumbs up before it goes to print and post. Poems for this subject would be 12 lines long.


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Item Description

Fun & Personal

For a gift that encapsulâtes all the characteristics and a few stories of the person the poem is for, in a decise, humorous poem of 12 lines or 3 verses. Your piece will be printed on hight quality card with images relevent to the subject if applicable e.g. birthday/valentine. The poem will be posted to you in a postal tube.

The Whole Story

For a full-length humorous, personalized poem about your special person, this is a story based bespoke poem which will go into detail about their personality, life and any specific journeys they have been through. If it is for a child, it might be going into more detail about the people in their family and how they became to be where they are in the world. Poems can be 6 – 9 verses long.

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Fun & Personal, The Whole Story